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Investment Engine Features

Setting a new standard for personalized financial planning and investment advice.

Goal-based asset investing

Goal-based asset investing maximises the likelihood of reaching financial goals within certain risk limits.

Robust, diversified portfolios

Portfolios are constructed using advanced optimization techniques that take into account forward looking expectations and historical probability distributions.

Automatic de-risking

Dynamic asset allocation allows an optimal portfolio risk reduction towards the target date of the goal.

Holistic advice

FLG takes into account the full personal financial situation including human capital.

Personal risk management

A "what-if" scenario analysis shows the impact of personal and financial market scenarios on the probability of reaching the goal and how to close any funding shortfall.

Smart data

Data analytics and forecasting is applied to defining the capital need to reach a certain goal.

Benefits to your company

Get ahead by putting Financial Life Goals into the hands of your clients and client advisors.

Personalised investment advice

Offer investment advice that is tailored to the financial situation and goals of your client.

Your investment views

Express your investment views and capital market assumptions in the client portfolios.

Easy integration

A secure API allows an easy integration with your existing systems.

Customisable to your needs

Financial Life Goals investment engine can be customized to your needs.

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Axel Swoboda

"Everyone should have a great financial plan to reach financial goals."

Bernhard Obenhuber

"Financial Life Goals delivers personalised asset allocations and not just five cookie-cutter portfolios."

Patrick Kranzlm├╝ller

"We designed Financial Life Goals in a way that it easily integrates with existing systems."

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